Lars Leonhard
Lars Leonhard

Lars Leonhard was born in 1973 in Hilden (Duesseldorf). In Lars’ early childhood he recognized his passion for music. In the early 90’s he decided to produce his own music. His affinity to electronically music leads him to ambient, dub techno and deep house music. The electro musician Lars Leonhard from Düsseldorf/Germany focuses on suggestive sounds. 15 years ago, he made his first experiences with industrial and easy listening productions. At that time, he established his sound basis for his in 2002 founded punk rockband „Chaos Digital“. Till their breakup in 2006 , the band created catchy songs like „Keine wie Du“ for the local music scene.

Concurrently to concerts and performances, Lars worked solely on his own tracks followed by TV jingles for brands and a soundtrack for a graffiti documentation by Robert Kaltenhäuser. Four years ago, he went to Japan and worked temporarily for the German Pavilion during the World Fair „Expo 2005“. For his further career, he uses his own name „Lars Leonhard“ to proceed.

Electro fans of unique ambient, electro, tech and deep house tracks will admire Lars Leonhard. In 2010, Lars signed a label contract at BineMusic in Essen/Germany which cooperates with artists like Move D, Benjamin Brunn, Scanner and Martin Nonstatic. Since his debut in 2010 with the release of his track “Citylights” on the compilation Various Artists/ BineVolume I, he further released till now two CD albums Alben „1549“ and „Seasons – Les Quatre Saisons“ thus a vinyl 12 EP „ No Comment„.

Furthermore, a “yellow clear” vinyl on the label “DimbiDeep has been released with the title „Lars Leonhard / Shebuzzz / Supererde / Grasses Of The Past”. Additionally, innumerable tracks on several labels have been released. Major part of those are digital releases are available in major Music stores.

The year 2013 has been a milestone in Lars career. The American space agency NASA spotted Lars on YouTube and engaged him on a long-term basis. Several scientific videos what are observed and recorded by satellites were highlighted in music by Lars Leonhard. Two videos of that amazing cooperation of both parties can be watched on YouTube.